General Purpose Mini Spreader ideal for spreading;
  • Mice Bait
  • Snail Bait
  • Pasture Seed
  • Fertilizer


Features include;
  • Designed for ute, truck or trailer mounting
  • Ideal for both small and large properties
  • Variable speed 12V electric motor
  • 75kg Hopper capacity
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Made in South Australia


Vineyard Attachment

This module has been specifically manufactured for use in vineyards.

The vineyard attachment has been designed to apply a single trail of snail bait direct to the base of the vine.

The application is very efficient as it distributes bait to two vine rows at once.


500kg Capacity Mini Spreader Transfer Bin
spreader b

This transfer bin had been specifically designed to coincide with the mini spreader. The transfer bin allows for a bulk amount bait/seed to be on the vehicle and ready to be transferred to the mini spreader hopper on the move.

  • The mini spreader is attached directly to the transfer bin, then the transfer bin can be mounted onto the ute tray or trailer
  • Less manual handling of heavy bags from the seed/bait. Time efficient by bulk handling
  • Safe storage of chemical treated seed/bait
  • The mini spreader and transfer bin can be operated within the ute cab



Operating Instructions

Click here to download the Mini Spreader operating instructions.

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