Valley Centre Pivot

The Valley Centre Pivot has long been recognized as the industry standard for meeting producer demands on all types of fields all over the world. Providing farmers with the best equipment to offer maximum irrigation efficiency is that Valley deliver.

The Valley Centre Pivot is unmatched for reliability, durability and overall performance. From pivot point to last span, a Valley structure is engineered, constructed and field tested to handle the operating stresses your machines can experience.

Many control features Valley provide improved efficiency to meet modern irrigation demands. Your crop is more valuable than ever and ensuring top yields on your entire field is the key. 

Centre Pivot Machines

Valley Centre Pivot

The valley centre is the cornerstone of Valley's product line. These centre pivots are the most common sight in mechanized agriculture today. These pivots, along with the rest of the Valley product line, use only the most reliable materials in the industry.

Valley Dual Span

The Valley Dual Span is an option developed to meet the requirements of specialty crop growers. Two sets of spans and high speed motors are used to irrigate separate segments of a field, reducing the amount of time it takes to irrigate an entire circle by half.

Single Span Spinner Drive

The Valley Spinner Drive is a great choice for producers with smaller fields. The Spinner can irrigate 2.2-6 hectares, and is a solution for those with limited access to electricity.

Driven by water pressure, this single span pivot can be fixed or towed from one field to another.


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